XBIZ Awards

Awards in the industry of porn

xbiz awards nightAs one of the most important awards in the industry of porn, the XBIZ award like AVN Awards is known worldwide. It is provided by the XBIZ magazine, a magazine that is specialized in the trading and also business that happens in the porn industry.  This award first started back in the year of 2003 and is given to stars, producers and pretty much anyone that works with the porn industry somehow. The nominations are submitted by fans, which makes this award unique in the porn industry. People who also vote for the winners are producers, the XBIZ staff, industry people and organizations that sponsor or organize the event. The award first begun as a way to award the online adult industry, however over the last few years some video categories were also added to the whole event.

For those who do not know what XBIZ is it is the leading publisher of business news and also general information regarding the porn industry. It is not only about the stars it is much more about the business people who are behind the glamour and that dedicate their lives in order to see people happy with the results. There are 3 different trade publications released by XBIZ, they are XBIZ World for the digital media market, XBIZ Premiere for the retail market and XBIZ Sensuals for the intimate products market. Apart from that XBIZ is also the host of 5 different events every single year, including the famous XBIZ award. In fact we can hear information regarding XBIZ all over the media. It is often seen at Fox, CNN, ABC, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and several other media such as magazines and the web.

Who attends the event?

Xbiz Awards 2013During the event you will be able to find the most important icons of this multimillionaire world. You will be able to see people like the legend Larry Flynt who happens to be the chairman and also the founder of worldwide famous Hustler. The event is full of beautiful stars and very important people of the porn world. Dedicated fans are finally able to meet their idols and also get to know what is the best in the porn world during the year. It is an incredible event that joins porn lovers from all the corners of the whole world in a single space. The event happens in the beautiful and incredibly busy Los Angeles every single year and as one of the most important awards of the porn industry. The event happens not only to show the great producers and stars of the industry, but it is also a honorable way to show that porn movies are much more than sex. The porn industry requires just as much work as a movie industry that creates average movies. This is a nice award that recognizes people who often are not seen when people watch the porn videos. You will get to meet the nicest directors, staff in general and finally know what is behind the porn world as a whole.

Some of the top categories of the award. 

XBIZ is definitely a very interesting type of award, that now counts with several different categories. The categories are interesting and leave the public wondering who will be the next to get the award. In fact there are hundreds of categories however they are inside bigger sets of categories. Let’s take a look at the main categories and the sub categories that each of them has.

Adult Site of the Year: BangBros
Studio Site of the Year: Naughty America
Photography Site of the Year: Twists



Some of the nominees and also the winners. 

Xbiz Porn AwardsSuch a huge award could not exist without the nominees and the winners as well. Here you will be able to check out some of the most famous names that were part of the show in the latest years. If you would like to know the complete information regarding the winners of the year 2013 make sure you take a look at their official webpage at http://xbizawards.xbiz.com/winners.php. You will definitely be able to see that hundreds of important people get the award!

Now if you are looking for the next nominees that we will see next year, in 2014, hold yourself! There are still no official nominees on the official page, therefore we will still have to wait a little bit until we are able to know who might get the XBIZ award upcoming 2014.

The event sponsors and the press. 

Such a huge and important event simply had to have high quality sponsors. In fact several different companies would like to sponsor such a huge event of the porn industry. There are hundreds of companies that have their names all over the event, some companies produce sexual toys, clothing and several other products that are directly linked to the porn industry. Not only does it help the event to actually happen but it also helped average people just like me and you finally get to know some high quality brands that produce the products that we need. It is very neat to watch the award and see the top brands of the moment. In this page you will be able to know a little bit more of the sponsors that happen this amazing event take place every single year.

As for the press, oh the press! Thanks to it we are always able to get a look at what is hottest during the event. Thanks to it you will be able to read about the latest news as well as also be able to see what is going on at all times. If you know a company that would like to show the world what is going on when it comes to this event make sure you visit the following official page http://xbizawards.xbiz.com/press.php.


xbiz awards 2014XBIZ is certainly a must watch not only for the porn lovers but also for those who are behind the scenes, those who drop their sweat every single day to make the porn industry be what it is today, one of the hugest business in the whole world. Although we are only able to see the porn videos ready it is quite hard for us to imagine all of the hard work that is actually behind it all. It is why this award was created, to give a chance for the staff to actually get seen. It is impossible not to believe that these people give their sweat working in order to provide users the best content possible. It is not only about the porn stars, there is much more to porn that just that.

Thankfully XBIZ created this nice award that gives these hard working people a chance to shine. This award is definitely a must see then. You will be able to understand a little bit more not only about the producers, but also about the top sex toys brands, the best stars and also the best videos that are available on the web and also on DVD today. It is a must watch for every porn lover that truly loves porn and everything about it. You will also feel the glam and the beauty of such an incredible award from the comfort of your very own house, since there are several different press companies that would do anything to be able to show it to the world. You should definitely also check our magazines, sites and newspapers that show a little bit more of the XBIZ award. You will never forget to watch such a cool award ever again! Are you ready to know more about what the whole porn world is truly about?